Meet the Characters


My name is Sarah. God promised my husband Abraham that he would become the father of a great nation. So we left the place where we lived, trusting God to guide us.

It seemed impossible for that to happen because we were both very old and didn’t have any children. But God can do the impossible and He gave us a son, Isaac.

One day God asked Abraham to take young Isaac and sacrifice him on a mountain. My husband was willing because He knew God was in control and His promise of a big nation would come true. God stopped Abraham sacrificing Isaac that day, knowing that he really did trust God. You can read about me in the book of Genesis.




I am the Roman Centurion who had the job to make sure criminals were punished. One day, we had three to be put to death on crosses. The man on the middle cross was different to the others. He didn’t swear, instead, He asked God to forgive those who hurt Him.

As I watched Jesus die that day, I realised He was no ordinary man, truly, He is the Son of God! You can read my story in Luke’s gospel, chapter 23 and verses 33 to 47.






My name is Bartimaeus and you can find out about me in Mark’s gospel chapter 10, verses 46-52.

Because I was blind, I couldn’t work to earn money and so I had to beg. Although I couldn’t see, I could hear! One day, I heard that Jesus was passing by. He was the one that healed other people, I knew He could help me!
When I called out to Jesus to have mercy on me, others told me to be quiet. But that didn’t stop me, I carried on.

Thankfully, Jesus stopped and called for me. Jesus did for me what no one else could do – He healed me, and now I can see again! I am now a follower of Jesus.




I am the Roman Jailor in Philippi. I was told to guard the Christian preachers called Paul and Silas. If they escaped, I would be in serious trouble from the Romans.

Even though Paul and Silas had been treated badly and were locked in stocks, they weren’t complaining! In fact, there were singing Christian songs!

Suddenly, there was an earthquake that shook the prison so hard that the doors flew open. When I ran down to the jail to check on the prisoners and saw the open doors, I thought everyone had escaped. Rather than let the Romans punish me by death, I thought I would do it for them! But then I heard a voice, it was Paul – he told me not to harm myself.

I realised there was something different about these men, so on my knees, I asked, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ They simply answered, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved…’ That’s exactly what I did and my life was changed. I took Paul and Silas back to my house to look after them until they were released to carry on telling others about Jesus. You can read all about me in the book of Acts and chapter 16.

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