Pilgrim’s Progress

In this exhibition, based on John Bunyans allegory, we follow a character called Pilgrim on his journey.

Pilgrim, who’s name is later changed to ‘Christian’, narrates the children through display boards –  telling his story of how he travels from the City of Destruction, through the Narrow Gate and on to the Cross –  where his burden falls away. Then along the straight path to the Heavenly City despite the dangers he meets on the way.

Along the way we meet characters (who are dressed in period costume) like: ‘Evangelist’, Interpreter, Charity, Lord Hategood, Hopeful, Faithless (Giant Despair’s Wife) and Flatterer.

On the final board the story is told of Christiana (the sequel to Pilgrim’s Progress’). Christiana is Christian’s wife who also follows on the same journey to the Heavenly City, with her 4 sons and others.


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