‘I have accompanied groups of KS2 children to the ‘Bible Exhibition’ for many years. They are always well organised, appropriate and, most importantly, it is a fun and engaging way to learn more about the Bible.

The sessions are led by the narrator who moves through a variety of activities. The displays are colourful and full of information. They tell the story clearly. Actors really bring the stories to life. The children love the variety of characters, some they are familiar with and others are new to them. Characters can be kind, sympathetic, stern sometimes quite frightening! The children move around during the story so they don’t sit for too long in one place. It is engaging! When the story is finished, there is a quiz. They love it, the children are competitive and wait excitedly to hear the prize winners when they are announced during a future visit. We finish with refreshments, sometimes this includes delicious food tasting. In a variety of ways, the children learn a lot. They are reminded of some aspects they may have forgotten and love it when they can answer the questions.

An exciting way to develop their knowledge and love of the Bible.’

Chris Marriott (KS2 Teacher & Deputy-Head at Ashton St. Peter’s Church of England VA Primary School, Dunstable, Bedfordshire)

‘The whole week last week was great as it gave the children something different. It combined very important aspects of the curriculum like RE, history and the humanities and brought it together in an interactive way which made it very meaningful.’

Susan Roche (Head Teacher at Garnteg Primary School, Torfaen)

‘The Bible Exhibition is a great experience for our children. They enjoyed fantastic, bright and interactive sessions learning about different Bible stories from presenters who brought them to life. The presenters being in character was very popular with the children and they loved being able to get involved. I would highly recommend it.’

Nova Scott (Head Teacher Williamsburgh Primary School, Paisley)

‘The Bible Exhibition was a fantastic experience and opportunity for our pupils. They enjoyed the engaging, interactive sessions learning about different Bible stories from presenters who brought them to life. The children maximised their learning opportunities through discussion, questioning and responses. The presenters were in full-dress and character, which really brought the experience to life. This is a really exciting and amazing opportunity and we are very happy that our pupils got this experience. A huge thank you to the team.’

Dan Wade (Deputy Head Teacher at Tenterfields)

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