The Amazing Acts

The exhibition tells the story of the birth and growth of the early Christian church. It is based on the New Testament book of ‘The Acts of the Apostles’ which was carefully complied by Dr Luke. Across the 17 exhibition boards we follow the spread of the Christian message by the Apostles further and further – just as Jesus promised they would do!

The journey through the book of Acts will introduce characters like Simon Peter, Paul, Lydia, Silas, the Philippian Jailer, Priscilla, King Agrippa.

Hear the story of ‘Pentecost’, Stephen’s martyrdom and the amazing change in Paul’s life. We visit the Jail in Philippi, complete with real stocks, and hear the jailer’s amazing account of a night he would never forget. We learn how Paul, and others, shared the good news about Jesus, and how Christianity spread across the mighty Roman empire.

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